Showing that science is for everyone, “Yes! Science!” is a science series that profiles women and minority individuals in STEM fields. For our third season, we’ve shifted from documentary style to a live studio audience talk show hosted by Pallas the Librarian. In our monthly show, Pallas interviews people in various STEM related careers about their work, perform fun science experiments, lead panel discussions, and discuss books that have inspired our guests.

With the COVID pandemic, we’ve put the show on hold for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. We’re planning to bring the show back, making it bigger and better.

About Pallas the Librarian

Pallas Johnson received her Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Communication Education from the University of Central Oklahoma and her Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She has held the positions of President of Alpha Psi Omega at UCO and Managing Director of Take One Productions. Pallas obtained an award in Theater Excellence at UCO. Pallas has garnered special recognition from the American College Theater Festival for Excellence in Choreography. She has been performing and teaching improv professionally since 2011. She currently holds the position of Education Director of OKC Improv. Pallas is a full-time Librarian with the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City and has a passion for sharing knowledge and fun with the world.

What was the documentary filming process?

The documentary filming process for Yes! Science! is a collaborative venture. Guests are given questions in advance, which they may change, remove, or add to them. Guests also collaborate on filming locations, camera angles, b-roll suggestions, etc. Before the finished video is released, guests will approve the video, and they may change anything, including reshooting their interview.

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